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Pain relief is really simple

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Quit searching!!! It's time for the truth! You have been scammed and they know it!

Pain relief is really simple

Your back hurts when it is inflamed, either the muscles or the joints. Of course that includes the joint capsule and the tendons and ligaments surrounding it as well as the nerves. Doctors and therapists make it sound so complicated so that you "come back for more". You would think that with all their years of education they would have revealed the truth. But the system that puts out doctors and therapists teach only their ways and students and graduates must stay within those boundaries. Even researchers. It's all about 'the degree" and therefore the money and position they can assume when they stay within the boundaries.

So back pain is simply inflammation in the area of complaint.

What is inflammation?
Inflammation = Acidity = Pain

It"s that simple.

Yes. It really is a chemical equation of acidity or alkalinity because inflammation is always an acidic state. As is disease. All nursing graduates know this. All doctors know this. They just "don't know" how to get rid of it!

Ok. Let's tell them. You want to know so that you can be pain free, I see.

I have treated MANY, MANY people just with simple massage and felt their skin, their muscles, their bones. There is such a variety of each. I learned, with the help of God, about the body. I'd like to share it with you here. I cannot share all, especially specifics to YOU, but I can share principles that I"ve seen stable and firm, never changing. Principles that I have tried and tested for over 15 years. 

The Principles of Pain

If pain is always present (but not always felt) when inflamed, and pain is also an acidic condition, then lets change something to reduce the acidic condition. I've figured them out. I'll help you figure your own pain out. All in all, the principles must be applied to get results.

What is an acidic condition?

As I stated, nurses and doctors all know that disease is an acidic state. Many of us know that too since the knowledge is widely available.

Pain has been your friend

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Actually a friend of mine wrote a book by that name: Pain is My Friend, by Pete O'Shea.

Well, is it your friend? Do you want it? Has it helped you?

I guess if you're thinking that you're supposed to hurt when you get older.  Or if you're thinking that after a hard days work a person should expect to be hurting.

Well that isn't true.

Actually, the way God made us is to go to bed because we are not SUPPOSED to work all day. He made night so we rest and allow Him to work!

If we did all the work, we'd think we did it all.

I once asked a lady who was quite healthy "Did you feel any different results after the three week raw cooking class you went to?"

She said "I had so much energy I didn't know what to do with it!".

Now that's the way life should be lived. She had to make herself lay down at night. Now that's real life. Energy to spare.

Pain takes away from our lives. It depletes our lives

Pain takes away from our lives. You have not gained anything from it. The losses spill over into others' lives. Just think what your life would have been without pain.

You can have that again. Your body is saying so. When your body say "Hurt" what do you say back to it?

It IS possible to get rid of it. Let's cross that threshold right now. Pain is a passing thing. If it came, it can go. You just have to help it go more often!

So here's the real question.

Do you want to keep your pain?

It's not your age. It's not that a stork dropped off a 'precious present' for you. No. Pain is your enemy.

I'm here to help you get rid of YOUR enemy. 

Private consultations available.

Old Injuries

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

You've had an accident. A car accident. A fall. Maybe a football injury. They've all told you that you have pain because of old injuries.

They're wrong.

How could they be wrong when it has hurt since you had the accident!?

Well, they're wrong.

You see, if the body is speaking to you, it wants to change. If it wants to change and you don't figure it out and do what it wants you to do, don't blame your body or an old accident.

I find that 99% of all aches and pains are simple musculoskeletal pains that can be removed with my program. Do you really think you are the special one who gets to suffer all his life, or would you like to be special by having your pain relieved?

Actually I'd like to say that 100% of all aches and pains can be removed with my program but I had to make room for a few broken bones.

Pain is a chemical equation.

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Pain doesn't come with age.

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Pain responds when addressed correctly.

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Would you like to get rid of your pain or blame it on an old injury?

By Ethelyn Schaeffer, LMT

Become pain free through knowledge!